Prompt Me helps you set aside time to write.

Write is a verb. The simple truth is that in order to be a writer, you must write. Work, family, and other obligations become pathways we have to navigate to find time to write. Prompt Me helps you navigate that path in small bursts using a specialized system developed after years of professional writing and teaching experience. Even the few feedback questions are designed to develop your own writing.


After you've signed up, begin writing from the dashboard. As you write, a new word will appear each minute to your left (or just above on mobile). Integrate the word before the next one appears. You are able to pause the timer. However, you will not be able to write again until you press resume. Once you've finished writing, you can save your new piece and edit from the dashboard.

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Writing Space

Six minutes is all you need. You don't have to fight to set aside extensive time each day. Use the specialized "drip exercise." Generate writing that's either brand new or a continuation of a project, sequence, poem, story, or novel that you're writing.

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Feedback Queue

Writing is collaborative. One of the key components of any successful writing practice is community. Give and receive short, productive, and diverse feedback through the feedback queue. You can form partnerships with writers who best understand your work and move to private exchanges.

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Draft and Revise

Keep track of your drafts, revise, and view feedback via the dashboard. Soon you'll even be able to generate and analyze feedback statistics with heat maps of your readers' favorite lines and the places where they stopped reading.


Prompt Me is designed to meet a variety of user needs. There are a range of tiers depending on your writing lifestyle. These are sample plans. This prototype of Prompt Me is completely free.


$0 / mo

  • Completely free
  • 15 prompts / mo
  • up to 15 drafts
  • Unlimited editing


$2.99 / mo

  • or $24 / year
  • 30 prompts / mo
  • 15 drafts / mo
  • Unlimited editing


$4.99 / mo

  • or $49 / year
  • 60 prompts / mo
  • 30 drafts / mo
  • Unlimited editing


$9.99 / mo

  • or $99 / year
  • Unlimited prompts
  • Unlimited drafts
  • Unlimited editing